Monday, May 7, 2007

New Pictures

We received new pictures of Jolea yesterday. She looks pretty sad in most of them. I think she gets pretty scared when they are there to take her pictures. Other families that have visited have told me that she is very shy.
Unfortunately, we haven't heard any good news on traveling. We did hear from our program director this morning, and we are making progress. I am sure we will hear some good news very soon. We know our time is coming! Keep praying for Jolea, and for Joey and I as well. This wait is so hard. At times I feel physically and emotionally exhausted. We have been really encouraged by all of your prayers. I have received emails everyday telling me that people are praying, and cards as well. Thank you!


randall said...

yeah!!! we can not wait till she gets here! i hope she like vacation bible school... you guys are in our prayers

randall said...

yeah!!! we cant' wait till she get here. i hope she like vacation bible school!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

She is so tiny and built like Lottie to me. I am praying she comes home soon! Hugs, Kimberley

Misty said...

She looks sad b/c she cannot wait to see her mommy, daddy, her big sis, and little brother! She has so many people waiting to see her and spoil her and she is stuck there! I cannot believe how absolutely beautiful she is! She just looks like a Crow! You have a good-lookin family! I cannot wait to FINALLY meet the little princess! Please let me know the moment you hear anything! Love all of ya'll and I LOVE YOU JOLEA!!!


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