Saturday, May 19, 2007

We're moving along

Jolea's Caregiver, who she knows as her mother

Jolea's "house" at Kien Giang Orphanage

We received some news yesterday from our program director that things are moving. They have found the "missing link" and the paperwork is being completed. It has to be sent off to be certified and authenticated, and then it will go to Vietnam. Travel is just around the corner! In just a couple of more months we should be holding our girl! You just wouldn't believe the things God has done to make all this possible. Please keep praying that everything works out and also for God to be preparing Jolea's heart for this change that is going to take place her life. This will probably be very difficult for her. She is leaving the only home she has ever known.


The Byrd's Nest said...

I am praying every day for Jolea to feel at peace with you as soon as she meets you and praying her grieving period is a very short time. Praying she knows how much she is loved and will trust you. Praying she will not experience any spiritual battles at night to cause her to lose any sleep once she is home with you. All these things I prayed for Emma also and looking back we have experienced only a short time period with all of these things. Hugs-Kim

Unknown said...

Praise God!!! I continue to pray daily for the day you will hold Jolea!


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