Monday, July 23, 2007

Answered Prayers!

Hey guys, we are back in HCMC now! Kien Giang was nice but HCMC is much better. Jolea is doing wonderful. We made the mistake of buying her some squeaky shoes, and right now she is just stomping around the room.

We arrived at Jolea's orphanage on Saturday afternoon. Upon arrival we sat down and met with the director of her orphanage. As we were sitting there Joey tapped me on my shoulder and when I turned around there she was. She was very shy and wouldn't look at either one of us. I gave her her baby doll and she gladly grabbed hold of it, but still wouldn't look at me. They decided to take her out the little play area, so we followed. When we got outside they handed her to me. She screamed for about five minutes until she noticed Joey getting out the bubbles. She then just came alive, and has been a wild child since. She is wonderful! She gets a little shy when we get out of the room, and she only wants me to hold her when we are out, so my arm is just killing me. I'll be using my hotsling from now on. When we are in the room she loves Joey. She knows who if funner to play with.

She is very observant and energetic. She watches every move Joey makes and tries to copy him. Last night she couldn't get the channel to change on the TV so she started messing with the cords on the back. She saw Joey doing it the night before. She loves her toys especially her play phone. She keeps them in sight at all times. She also loves her new shoes we brought her. She has slept in them every night. Tonight she will probably sleep in the sqeaky ones. Anyways, I better get uploading pictures. I promised Brea pictures when she woke up. Also, thanks for all the birthday wishes and emails, and thanks Leslie for the pictures of the kids. I have a bad case of homesickness. Keep the emails coming! Check back tomorrow for more updates!

Our first meeting

laughing at Dad!

These little critters were all over our room in Kien Giang.
This is the baby, I didn't capture a picture of the mom!

Saying Goodbye.

A whole new world, a whole new life!


Denise said...

Okay, I am sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks! What a blessing from God! To Him be the Glory for the things HE has done and continues to do. Jolea is absolutely beautiful, and I LOVE the smiles. Wow - what a gift of love God has given you Jolea and your entire family.
I hope you were able to see my little VN princess. She will be in my arms in two WEEKS! Thanks be to God!
Blessings, Denise

Unknown said...

I am SO very thrilled for you all! God is SO good! I can't help but smile this morning and rejoice with you! Praise be to God!

With Love, Laura Dao

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Christi sheis so beautiful and finally we see her smile! Our prayers have been answered and I will continue to pray for her adjustment as you prepare to bring her to a new place. Thank you God for finally bring this family together in your perfect timing! Big Hugs-Kimberley

Misty said...

Jolea is absolutely gorgeous! Tears are also running down my face b/c I know how long ya'll have waited for your baby girl to be with you! I just cannot get over how much she is just a "Crow!" She just looks like ya'll! She may grow up and never remember the first meeting you all had but I know it will be in your heart forever! I cannot wait to see Jolea, and Luke,and Kruz all in the same class at'll be so much fun! Maybe we can do an arraged marriage for Jolea and Kruz...haha! You just never know! She is a little princess and I know that she is going to grow up with the best parents in the world! I am absolutely thrilled beyond belief for you! I cannot wait to see her! It's going to be a big shock for her to meet all her family and friends! Luke was so cute at church sunday..he was a memaw's boy! I talked to him and tried to get him to come back and play with Kruz but he just laid his head on Memaw's shoulder! I think he's liking all her attention! Like i said before, Brea saw me and just her face just lit up! She told me so much...she is so excited to see her sister! I have forwarded on information and there are people in different states who are following you and praying for you! We are all just so excited! The kids and I have gotten down and prayed for you, and Joey,and sweet Jolea and also Brea and Luke every night. Melise is so interested to hear every detail about Jolea! Well, I am starting to write a novel... I just wanted to say hi and tell you how much we exalt God for placing Jolea with us in Caddo Mills! She will be loved by everyone! Love you all!
Love always,
Misty Vaughan

Geneva said...

She is absolutely beautiful. To see her smile is wonderful. We are thrilled for all of you that God has finally brought you together. We pray the rest of your trip is wonderful and look forward to reading more updates.
God bless,
Geneva Miller

The Ben Show said...

She is so beautiful. You must be overjoyed that you are finally together. I will pray for safe travels for all of you. God bless!

Niki said...

WOW look at her gorgeous smile.. I told you I kept having feelings she would get attatched to Joey. I can't believe how happy she looks, she has her perfect family. Praise God for her transition going so good. You will have to keep those shoes she loves!! God is so awesome! Continue to keep you in prayer!

Jean Thomas said...

Hi Joey and Christi!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am for your family. I was listening to Mercy Me's "Bring the Rain" this morning and thinking about what both our families have gone through the past several years. Then I thought about how life has come to your family once again. It brought a smile to my face and a warmth in my heart. What a beautiful testimony that brings glory to our Heavenly Father. Our God is a faithful God.

Your family is a blessing and I know that Jolea is very blessed to become part of it. I can't wait to meet the newest Crow.

I love you guys!

God Bless!


KristalS said...

Hello Christi, Joey, and Jolea!! I am WAY excited for you all. She is too cute, and I love the stories! I cannot wait to meet her, and I wish so much that we didn't have to wait until December! Keep the pictures coming! :o) MIss you!

Chip and Sara said...

I'm so thrilled to see you and Jolea together! What a huge blessing!


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