Friday, July 27, 2007

Free Day

Jolea eating with chopsticks

My mommy finally let me eat a sucker!

We see this little boy everynight. He walks this
block selling postcards and T-shirts. He speaks
very good English. He told us he works so he can
pay for school and for rent.

Joey wanted me to show you all the power lines
crazy huh?

Today we just had a free day to whatever we wanted. Jolea, Joey and I actually slept in this morning. Jolea had a pretty rough night last night. She woke up several times crying. As long as I would go lay with her she would quiet down. She is still running a little fever today, but her spirit is much better. We walked a lot today and finished up most of our shopping. Brea and Luke, we got you guys some pretty neat stuff. Can't wait to give it to you. We tried to go to the old market today but it was way to hot and way to crowded. Everyone wants to touch Jolea so we just decided to leave. We bought some waffles today from a lady on the street. They make them right there on the sidewalk. They were actually pretty good. I was a little nervous about eating something off the street but what could make me sick from a little waffle. We still don't know if we will be leaving on Tuesday or not. The flights are still booked so we are hoping some people cancel so we can make it home by Wed. morning.

Jolea is really bonding and attaching very well. Right now she is in my lap laying against my chest, just about to fall asleep. I really can't believe how well she has done. God definitely gets all the glory for this. She loves for me to rock her and I love it. She really doesn't understand that she is a baby. She acts so grown up and I think she is so used to taking care of herself at the age of 3. Oh yeah, alot of you have asked what size Jolea is. She is pretty tiny. Nearly all of the clothes I brought are too big. She can wear 2T shirts. She is very skinny, so she is wearing about 18 mos. shorts. The 24mos. shorts are even a little big. I'm glad I brought a few dresses.

Tomorrow we are going to the beach. I'm sure Jolea will love it. She loves to play in the water. I'll post pictures of the beach when we get back.


Niki said...

Sounds like things are still going good!! How wonderful ! And yes all praise to God. Thanks for putting on some more pics of jolea, she really is beautiful. I can't wait till you get home, she is soooo going to love her brother and sister. I am so glad she is bonding with you, hopefully when she gets home she can see how a 3 year old is suppose to act, and have fun being little.
Love and prayers~

Joe Raschke said...

Great updates! We were at the Rex last August. Look for a great French restaurant Augisten just north east of the Rex. Also there is Texas BBQ resturant around as well. No Lone Star but Ice Cream Sundaes and Coors. Soon you'll be home. Congrats, Joe, Cathy & Nicholas.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Thanks for the sizes! You guys look so happy and Praise God for her relaxing with you and allowing you to love her! Hugs-Kimberley

Abby Shwoo said...

Hey guys. Mike just came in wondering what i was doing crying over my computer. I just read through all of ya'lls emails and i am so happy for you guys. Jolea's life will never be the same...and of course yours won't either. Every time i look at millie I can't believe that i get to be her mom. We will be praying for a safe trip home....and for an amazingly smooth adjustment for Jolea.


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