Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good Morning Vietnam

Today was another busy day. We got up this morning and CHI took us to a Pagoda. I think it was some sort of place of worship or something. Then we went to the war museum. I think it was pretty depressing. There were a lot of pictures of children with bad deformities from something called agent orange that the US used as chemical warfare. There were even jars that had deformed fetuses inside. It was pretty sad. There were many pictures and they were all portraying the Vietnamese view of the war. Very different from what we learn about in the US.

We had our CIS (Citizenship and immigrations services) appointment this afternoon and it went great. I was a little nervous about it but all went well. Joey also went this afternoon to get Jolea's passport. He rode on a scooter with one of the CHI staff and I prayed for him the whole time he was gone. The traffic here is very scary. We went out tonight and did a little shopping. It was pretty interesting bargaining with 10 year olds on the street. The children work very hard here.

Jolea continues to do great. We bought her a balloon on a stick tonight and finally had to take it away from her because she kept hitting people with it as we walked by. She continues to test her limits with us and will throw a fit if she doesn't get her way. She had her first chocolate ice cream today for lunch and she loved it. Tonight Joey was tired of rice and noodles so we found a pizza place and she loved the pizza. She will eat whatever you put in front of her. Right now she is taking all her dirty clothes that I had in a sack and folding them and putting them back in the sack. She is such a big girl in a little body. Tomorrow we are going to the Mekong Delta. It is an all day tour. We are finished with all of the paperwork here in HCMC and are flying to Hanoi on Sunday. We'll be home soon Brea and Luke.

This was at the place we ate dinner at last night
(I don't know why the picture is rotated)

At the pagoda
Jolea eating noodles
US airplane at the war museum
Joey checking out the guns at the war museum
Jolea eating her chocalate ice cream


Niki said...

Great to hear she is still doing so good. Did Joey keep his eyes open or closed on the scooter ride? HEHE.....
Ya'll continue to enjoy your time with Jolea. I bet after ya'll get her home she will start settling down some! Great to hear she is so full of life !!!!!!!
Love and Prayers !!!!

Cindy Howle said...


Your husband has been on the back of a motorcycle with Chad!!! -- He can handle the scooter *HA*HA*HA*

So happy things are going well. Sheryl and the kids seem to be having a great time!!

Love you guys ** Hurry Home**

Aunt Cindy

The Byrd's Nest said...

For Christians, the temples are such dark places. In China, Lottie and I stayed at the hotel but Greg & Elisabeth went touring and couldn't even walk into the temple. Greg said Elisabeth began to cry as soon as they entered the doorway. She said she felt such evilness all around her. Very sad for all of these lost people! I am praying you return home soon! Hugs-Kimberley

Jessica and Eddie said...

I love her little look that she is giving you while eating her ice cream. She is such a beautiful little girl. You are truly blessed.

KristalS said...

She looks so happy! I am also so happy for you guys, and I don't think I can say it enough! I look at her pictures every day. :o) Oh.. hehe.. Nice title... I get it.. haha

Misty said...

Man, I bet it is a totally different world there than here! I love the picture of her eating her chocolate icecream! It occured to me how wonderful it is that Jolea gets the opportunity to enjoy something as simple as chocolate icecream...I bet ya'll are going to get to see alot of exciting firsts with her! She seems to be alot different from that shy little girl we saw in the pics before! I think that now she has her mommy and her daddy...she can truly be herself and come to life! She is going to be miss personality! I cannot wait to meet her! Good luck, lots of prayers are being sent your way...and lots of love!!!


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