Wednesday, July 11, 2007

One more week!

I guess I should probably start packing! Just kidding! I have only the clothes that Joey and I are bringing left to pack. Miss Jolea's things have been packed for quite some time now. We did get our visa's back yesterday, and our airline tickets are paid for and should arrive today. We are so ready to go. These last 2 wks have been absolutely awful. I think satan has been trying to throw distractions at us since we began this adoption, and these last 2 wks he has been on attack again. We do have complete trust in God, and we know that no matter how much he will try to throw at us this last week that His timing is perfect. One more week and we'll be on our way!


Niki said...

Hang in there....There are many, many,many prayers being said for you and your journey. God will continue to be with you and he will continue to give you both the strength ...mental, physical and emotional that you will need. I am just so EXCITED for you both. God has GREAT plans for your family....I can't wait till you get home with Jolea......

Prayers and love !

The Ben Show said...

Stay strong! You are so right, the devil will try to distract from the very things that we anticipate with great joy, but you have Christ's perfect grace to protect and guide you! Hang in there!


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