Wednesday, July 4, 2007


These are the new photos we received from Nicky tonight! Mai looks so beautiful! The next photos posted of her, she'll be in my arms! Only 2 more weeks and we'll be in Vietnam. I should meet Mai for the first time on my birthday the 21st. I couldn't ask for a better gift!


Greg & Christi said...

She get prettier and prettier in every picture.

Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

She is co sute. I cannot wait to meet her in person in two weeks.

The Ben Show said...

She is gorgeous! What a wonderful birthday gift! God bless!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Wow! What an incredible birthday present! She is gorgeous and I know you are aching to hold her!

Ann said...

I just found your blog and am looking forward to your travel. We have a lot in common. I have a 21 yo son going through stem cell right now, an adopted daughter with cleft lip/palate, and a son in VN who we are awaiting travel for--out of HCMC like your dd. God truly does get us through the heartaches in life!

Cindy Howle said...

Joey & Christi!

You are two of the most wonderful people I am so very proud to call my FAMILY !! My prayers are with you each and every day until you return. We will welcome this precious child with open arms and lots of LOVE.

I Love you Both ** Aunt Cindy

Maw Maw said...

I'm up early every morning checking the blog for new pictures. As soon as the kids wake-up we run up stairs to look at them. When Luke saw the pictures of ya'll holding Jolea he just laughed and says "Jolea's coming home". He got a kick out of the pink sunglasses. Brea carries the phone around all evening when she knows its time for the call so she'll be the first to talk.

Tabby's taking the girls to the show today, I ask Luke what he wanted to do & he said he and I wanted to go see a "boy" movie. So we're going to see a "boy" movie today.

They miss ya'll like crazy & can't wait for ya'll to get home with Jolea.

Love you all.

kimberly said...

Christi and Joey, WOW!! i am soooo proud of you both and your bravery! I know you are the family God has chosen just for ms. Jolea. I had a dream about you both meeting her a few nights before you left for the first time. It was so real, and i was so excited for you both, i just prayed for you all till i fell back asleep. That the first meeting would be awesome! I cant wait till you all are home and we all get to meet ms. Jolea.
love to you! kimberly bost


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