Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jolea hits the trails

This weekend Jolea went on her first atv ride. She has been on the 4-wheelers at home, but has never been on an actually all weekend ride. Riding 4-wheelers is something we love to do as a family. Jolea had a blast and wasn't scared a bit. She did think her Daddy was a bit crazy. She started out riding with me on my 4-wheeler, and then she ended up with my parents on the ranger. She loves Memaw and Grandad. She didn't mind the mud, and in fact played in it. I thought that she may be a bit scared riding in the woods and mud, but she surprised us all, and was a trooper. She'll be just like Brea, Colt, and Luke, and will have her own atv in another year! Enjoy the pics!

This is scary!

Luke and Jolea playing in the mud! Jolea loved her boots!

Crazy Daddy!

Jolea cheering him on!

Daddy and Luke

Memaw, Jolea, and Grandad

Brea and her best friend Kelsi


The Byrd's Nest said...

Awesome pictures! I don't even like mud but it even looks fun to me!!

Keith and Kelly said...

Looks like you all are having great fun. I love your blog and added a link to it on my blog. Let me know if that isn't okay. Thanks, Kelly

Karen Wall said...

It is so sweet to see how she naturally fits into your family! The mud pictures made me smile!

Keith and Kelly said...

Thanks for your comment, and we'd love to be on your links. That's for sharing so much of your lives. You are inspirations! Blessings, Kelly

K said...

Looks like Jolea is fitting right in!

Thanks for your comment on my blog :)


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