Friday, November 2, 2007

No Sweeter Name

Driving to school the other morning I had this song by Kari Jobe playing in the car. We listen to her music all the time. I had the radio up pretty loud and we all were singing, and at the end of the song she sings "Jesus, Jesus" over and over. I turned around to the kids and Jolea was singing "Jesus". It brought tears to my eyes just to hear her say His name. This was one of those moments that simply takes your breath away. You can listen to the song below.


Unknown said...

Christi -
I can completely relate to this! I STILL get tears in my eyes anytime I hear Esther chime in and sing praise songs in the car. It is so awesome to realize our children now get the opportunity to learn about Christ! Something they likely would have never had in VN.

How awesome to hear that Jolea is now singing songs to the Lord!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh...that does bring tears to the eyes. I love hearing Lottie say her bible verses.

Niki said...

How precious....What so many people could learn from a child....


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