Wednesday, December 5, 2007


The anniversary of the day Colt left us and went to be Jesus is almost upon us again. It will 3 years on December 14th. This year I'm going to try to post a memory of him and some of my favorite pictures on the blog everyday or at least every few days, and please if you knew Colt I would love to read some of your favorite memories of him also. I'm also going to post some pictures later on of Colt's last days. Some of you are going to think I'm crazy but these pictures mean so much to me. I can see the joy in his eyes even when the cancer thought it was winning, and I treasure these pictures. He always kept us laughing and smiling. He had such a sense of humor, even though he was in such pain. I have to say when I think back on the last few weeks of his life, it's hard to remember the sadness, and the hard times. I remember so many of the things he said to us and did that are just absolutely hilarious.
You can post your memories under comments or on his site.

The memory I want to share today has to do with the picture above, and that was his love for Luke. Colt would say "that's my baby Wuke." When I was pregnant with Luke we didn't know whether he was a boy or girl so we just called him baby. Colt would talk to him while he was in the womb and tell him "pum out baby, pum out baby." After Luke was born Colt was so in love with his baby brother. He adored him, and I often tell Luke stories of how much his brother loved him. Colt was so protective of him up until the day he left us. That last week when Colt wasn't able to get up and do much Luke had to be in his site at all times and he would become very upset if someone took Luke out of the room. He would tell them, " don't take my baby Wuke." I pray Luke never forgets the love his brother had for him and still has for him.

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Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

Colt is so beautiful. I know he is looking down on everyone from heaven and protecting his wonderful family.


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