Friday, December 14, 2007

What a Day!

On December 14, 2004 around 9 p.m., there was a lot of activity going on in Heaven. God was smiling, more than usual, and was eagerly awaiting a very special soul. He turned to one of His most trusted angels and with joy said, “It’s time. Bring him home.” All of the angels, except a little one, ran with haste to prepare a magnificent homecoming.
The little angel awed by this, more than usual Heavenly joy, tugged on the robe of one of the older angels and asked, “What are we celebrating? Who could be so special that God would prepare such a homecoming?”
The little angel spread his tiny wings and rushed after the older angel. “We have souls coming every second, every minute, every hour and every day. What makes this boy so special?” the little angel repeated.
“As deep as the oceans, as high as the sky, as low as the lowest valley and as wide as the earth itself, all unique and handmade by God and yet, none as special as Joey Colt Crow.” The Angel replied, and raised his arms, as he calmed the wind on God’s orders.
“How can this be? Those are all wonders that God called into being from the very beginning. Surely, this Joey Colt Crow cannot be more special than these.”
“He was made of love,” answered the angel as he whirled his arms and caused the moon to shine a little brighter on God’s orders.
“Were not all men made of love. Did not God send His son Jesus to redeem all men, in the name of Love?” insisted the little Angel.
“Yes, all of that is true. But not all men follow love. Not all men give and give and give from a never ending well of love. Not all boys can lie down at night and have no fear if they are called. This boy, Joey Colt Crow was all that…”
“That can be said of many men,” interrupted the little angel. “I want to know about Joey Colt Crow. I want to know about that boy.”
“It’s quite simple,” said the angel as he hovered and placed the last twinkling star in the sky and added just the right amount of glow to the moon.
“This boy, Joey Colt Crow, in spite of his body racked with pain from Neuroblastoma, encouraged his family, his friends and all he met to continue to look towards where all hope began and ended. This boy Joey Colt Crow, up until about 2 weeks before he went on hospice was still going about running, and playing with his brother and sister. This boy, Joey Colt Crow, gave as much love back to God, through his giving, as was given him.”
The older Angel, pleased with all the work God had given him to do turned and said, “Do you understand now?”
“Yes. I think I see now,” said the little angel. “He was favored like Job. And, like Job endured a lot of pain, but he held on. And, through it all, he believed in the power and the promises of the Word…he just kept on loving God anyway. I guess there’s no way to describe someone like that without running out of adjectives.”
“I know.” said the angel. “Like I said, he was all that and more. Excuse me, but the trumpets have started and God is waiting at Heaven’s gate.”
Suddenly, something caught the little angel’s attention. “My, my—look at the light that’s streaking this way. What is that light? Is that Joey Colt Crow? His light! It’s a brighter one than I’ve ever seen and it’s so wide,” gushed the little angel.
“Yes, that’s him!” the older Angel exclaimed. “That light is the love that Joey Colt Crow brought with him.”
“He brought so much love with him—couldn’t he have left just a little for his family?” asked the little angel sadly.
“Oh, he did!” laughed the older angel. He pointed and said, “Don’t you see it down there. The love he left now holds his Mom and Dad, his brother, and his sisters. The glow from it is wrapped around his aunts, and his uncles, and all his relatives. The brightness that surrounds his family and everyone who knew him in Caddo Mills, Texas and everywhere, is his love too. As much love as Joey Colt Crow brought with him to heaven can never equal what he left on earth.


Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

That was so beautiful. You have brought tears to me. I know you cannot wait to the day until you see him again in heaven.

The Ben Show said...

God bless you guys.

The Byrd's Nest said...

You are a beautiful mom and writer! I am in tears. God Bless all of you.


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