Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Asian Princess

Today little Jolea turned 4 years old! We are so thankful that we didn't miss another birthday of hers. I think we are taking her tonight to eat a little Vietnamese dinner for her birthday. She and I both love to eat the traditional Pho soup. She can use her chopsticks a little better than I though. Luke is a little jealous that she is 4 and he is still 3, so all day he has been telling her that he is 4 too. I wouldn't dare tell him any different. I think he will always feel that he is her big brother, and I think that is great. He is a good brother. I haven't taken any pictures of them yet today because really all we have done is stay cooped up inside. It is too cold and too windy to get out and do much. I'll try to get some photos tonight.

Here is photo of some Pho that I ate in Vietnam. It really is good soup!


Niki said...

Ok Miss Jolea ~ since your mom put your birthday post, after i already posted this morning, i am copying and pasting it to this one ... lol

Happy Birthday Jolea ~ May it be the most wonderful birthday a princess could have !

Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

Happy belated Birthday. I hope all is well with you guys.


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