Friday, February 22, 2008

"She's JoJo's Sister"

I wanted to share a little story about Luke this morning. Luke went to dinner with my parents and some of their friends the other night. Someone said something about Jolea being his little sister and as serious as he could be he said "she's not my sister, she's JoJo's little sister." Is he not a stinker or what? The two of them can fight one minute and the next they are inseparable. I have to say that even though I could pull my hair out sometimes I really enjoy every minute with them. I have always had this ache in my heart and wondered what it would be like if JoJo were here with Luke. How would they get along? What would they be into? I still miss that, but seeing Luke and Jolea together helps give me some peace, and I know one day we will all be reunited again and be a family.

Here is song that I love! We played this song at JoJo's funeral. The song is called The Promise and it is by Mercy Me. Jesus really speaks to me through this song and it brings me so much comfort when I listen to it. It just reminds that I'm not alone in this struggle. Sometimes you feel like your so alone in your grief. You feel like no one understands what is really going on in the inside. You often fight back the tears, the pain, the anger. We can't run from Jesus though. He is always there. He understands what it is like to suffer, and He constantly reminds me that I'm not alone, He will never leave me nor forsake me. Sometimes when I'm having that bad day, I can really feel his arms around me, wiping away the tears, giving me hope, saying come to Me, come to Jesus. I hope you enjoy!

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Niki said...

That is so precious. The way kids think and say things sometimes, brings us to tears and puts smiles on our faces, and warms the heart. So sweet~


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