Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I have no pictures to show from TBall practice. He would not let go of my leg long enough. Practice didn't go so well last night. Luke cried nearly the whole time. Joey had picked them up from school and had a couple of errands to run that took too long, and by the time he was through running around it was time for practice. Luke had not had an afternoon snack, and he didn't have his glove so he was very upset. I left work and had to run home to get his glove and bat and when I got to practice he was too upset. He wouldn't let go of my leg and just cried to go home. I finally convinced him to try batting and he did go and hit the ball a couple of times but that is it. The coach would throw the ball to him and he would just watch it go right by him. Practice was at our church also and he knew that there were marshmellows in the kitchen so he kept crying for the marshmellows. He was a stinker. His next practice is tomorrow and Mommy will be home with him all day to make sure he is well rested and to make sure he has that afternoon snack. I just don't think Dad had it all together yesterday. For some reason only us Moms seem to have it all under control sometimes.


Niki said...

Well it is a good thing you dont have an pics/records of that first practice. I bet it will be better today. Tell him he has to learn so he can teach Jolea and they can practice together...

The Byrd's Nest said...

Ahhh...poor little guy! Yes, you are right about Mom's!


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