Monday, March 10, 2008

Well the snow we were hoping for never happened. I think it all stayed north of us. We woke up to just a small amount on the ground. Not enough to play in, but enough to make a muddy mess. We did have a nice weekend though. Breanna played her last basketball game against the pink foxes and they beat them 26 to 8. We were very excited about that. Now it's softball time! This year is her first year to play kid pitch, and Luke's first year to play T-ball. I should say it will be a busy spring. Luke's first pratice is tomorrow night. He is on a team with several of his friends. Also, he and one of his friends decided that Jolea couldn't be on their team because she was too little. She may be little but I guarantee you she can hold her own against those boys and probably out run them too! I didn't sign her up this year. I'm hoping to put her in gymnastics or dance. Probably gymnastics. We'll see.

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KristalS said...

oooooo.... dance would be cool! Then she'd learn gymnastics type stuff along with it! And the outfits are cute. :o)


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