Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 1 at Disney

This is the astro orbiter in tomorrowland.

Here are some pictures of our first day at Disney. We were so excited to finally be there. When we arrived at our resort our room wasn't ready so we headed over to the magic kingdom for our lunch at Tony's Town Square. Tony's is themed after the movie lady and the tramp. The food was great! Our first ride to go on was the carousel of progress. We swiped Buzz lightyears space ranger spin and were given a free fast pass for the carousel so we got right on until it was our turn to ride the buzz ride. Luke loved the carousel of progress. Then on to Buzz! This is one of our favorite rides. I think we rode it 4 times throughout the entire trip. Breanna actually maxed out the score on the game and got a wopping score of 999,999. That's as high as the score would go!

We had dinner that night at the Crystal Palace with Pooh and his gang. This is also one of favorite places to eat. This is the place we ate with Colt nearly everyday while we were at Disney. The kids were so excited to see the characters and the food was amazing.

We watched the spectro magic parade that night and the fireworks. It was so great, and we were so glad to be back. We also stayed a little late that night and rode a few more rides and then headed back to our resort. Enjoy the pics and I'll post more tomorrow!

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Jessica and Eddie said...

Seeing those smiles says it all. It looks like they had a great time.


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