Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Here's a little update on the happenings around the Crow's house. We are busy, busy, busy. Brea is tumbling, taking pitching lessons, and playing softball. She's keeps us hopping. I don't know what we will do when Luke and Jolea start having activities and playing sports. Those days are not too far away. School is going great. Although Jolea did get another sad face on her folder yesterday. She actually locked herself in the BOYS restroom stall with another little boy during there bathroom break. She had to go see Mrs. Painter this time. She had a melt down in the office, but I had to stay clear even though I wanted to run in and hold her and tell it was ok. She was crying for her Mommy but she needed to know that her behavior was not acceptable. My sweet girl, I love her so much. I have had no problems with Luke and Brea.

Luke went to see the Dr. today for an ear and sinus infection, and I ended coming home with a nebulizer for Jolea. She's been coughing lately so I had the Dr. listen to her and she was wheezing. I think this will be a good thing, and hope it will cut down on the antibiotics and pneumonia. I'm not sure how many times Jolea has had pneumonia during her time in the orphanage. I do know she was hospitalized as a baby with it, and has had it once since she has been home. She is very prone to sinus infections, and wheezing. She most likely has asthma as well. We were going to do the inhaler but with her palate still being open it will likely not be as effective as the nebulizer right now. She has to have breathing treatments several times a day right now, but eventually we'll only have them when she needs them. Here are a few pictures of Jolea taking her first breathing treatment.

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh how big she is doing her own treatment. Does this make her hyper? It does Emma Jane...bounces off the walls after a treatment and has a not so nice personality too.

I am praying for Jolea while she is in school. I know it must be tugging on your heart strings to not run to her rescue but you are such a strong smart Mommy you are doing the right thing.


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