Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sorry for the long break in posts. I'm still adjusting to going back to work, and all the things that comes along with getting three kids and myself ready for school every morning. I have to say that I really love my job. The first week or so was hard for me. I think about Colt a lot of day. By being there I am having to again face the reality that Colt is not there. He will never get to start school. I will never get to see him all excited for his first day of school, all dressed up in his brand new clothes and shoes. It is just a change, and change is hard for me. I've been in the same routine for nearly 4 years and it is just a comfort zone for me. Although, I am so excited that God has given me this opportunity. I love where I'm at, and I love the people I work with. I actually look forward to getting up and going. I think this is going to be a great thing.

As far as the kids, they are doing great. Luke has really surprised me how well he is doing in school. He has not been in trouble yet! Now Jolea is a different story. Friday she had her folder signed. She broke 3 rules! Hitting, pinching, and not following directions. She also got mad at her teacher and tore her work up that she was working on, and had to sit out at recess. What am I going to do with her? At home, she is the one who minds the best. Such a reverse in behavior for them two. Brea is also doing well. She is adjusting great to the demands of 5th grade.

One last thing! September is childhood cancer awareness month! Please go to and join the virtual walk. Together, we are determined to reach 12,500 and honor all children diagnosed with cancer! Also, September 13th is childhood cancer day. So please take the time and pray for all of the children who are undergoing treatment, and also remember those who have passed away and their families. Chili's is also doing the create a pepper fundraiser for St. Jude's, and on September 29th they will donate 100% of profits to St. Jude's.

Remember: One Goal. One Month. One Person.

Walk for One to Make a Difference in the Lives of 12,500.


Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

It sounds like Jolea and Lennah have a lot in common the hitting and pinching. Glad to hear you are enjoying work.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Jolea is just testing her teacher. She will settle in and be the sweet princess she is at home. Seems that Lottie and Emma Jane react in th same way when they cannot control their environment. This too shall pass.....I hope!!! :)


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