Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is what kind of things happen when your 4 year old is very quiet for a long period of time. Jolea is my girly girl. She is so into makeup, dressup clothes, jewelry and pretty much anything girly. She can spend an hour in her room changing from outfit to outfit in her dressups.

This week was red ribbon week at school and one day was western day. Brea and Luke were all dolled up their boots and jeans and cowboy hats. Luke was so excited to wear these chaps. I didn't have anything western for Jolea to wear so she was just her usual cute self, and she didn't mind as long as she had a bow in her hair!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little about Jolea

I was always told that one day it would click and you would see how attached your adopted child has become to you. I have always thought that Jolea did very well attaching to us and that we didn't have any bonding problems, but I can honestly say I think we have come full swing. She is totally attached to her Mommy. She has gotten to where she doesn't want to leave my side. She will not spend the night with anyone and actually sleep well. She will often wake up and cry for her Mommy. I have to say it absolutely melts my heart. I honestly didn't know that it would feel this good. I can tell she is finally feeling so safe and secure. For so long, when I would carry her to bed asleep she would cling so tight to my neck as if she were scared, and she is asleep during this. Now, she is just so relaxed, she is like a rag doll when I carry to bed. I know this probably sounds cheesy to some, but I know you adopted Moms know what a joy something so simple like this can be.
Also, lately she has been asking so many questions about JoJo. I guess because it was birthday and all. She will ask me everyday, is JoJo in heaven?(as she points up) and then the new word WHY? I tell her the same story over and over of why he is heaven. She is so concerned about him, and doesn't understand why his body was broken. If I had a picture of the sincerity on her face it would be priceless. She is so proud to be his sister, and of course it makes me so proud to hear her talk about the brother she never physically knew like she has known him forever. Oh my and you should see her face when stars are out. She shouts heaven! heaven! JoJo! JoJo! She thinks she is looking into heaven, boy is she in for a surprise when she really sees heaven.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seven in Heaven!

Happy Birthday little Jo! I love you!
Wow, he turned seven today. I try to picture what he would look like as a seven year old and it is so hard to do. We went to the cemetary today and the kids released their balloons like they always do. It was so strange because the last 3 times we've done this the balloons have always gone in a northern direction. This time they went south. The total opposite direction of the way they usually go. It was also rainy again but subsided long enough for the kids to release their balloons. I didn't get a chance to to take pictures I actually didn't think about getting out my camera until it was too late. The kids did pick their own balloons. Luke picked superman, Jolea picked Mickey Mouse, and Brea picked Thomas the Train. Enjoy the pictures! I will share more later but it is late and I'm really tired.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

He Can Dig It!

Here is my little builder on his Daddy's tractor. Joey showed him how to dig and he had the best time. He tried so hard to get Jolea to play in the dirt he was dumping so he could dump dirt on her. What a stinker. Enjoy!


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