Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Seven in Heaven!

Happy Birthday little Jo! I love you!
Wow, he turned seven today. I try to picture what he would look like as a seven year old and it is so hard to do. We went to the cemetary today and the kids released their balloons like they always do. It was so strange because the last 3 times we've done this the balloons have always gone in a northern direction. This time they went south. The total opposite direction of the way they usually go. It was also rainy again but subsided long enough for the kids to release their balloons. I didn't get a chance to to take pictures I actually didn't think about getting out my camera until it was too late. The kids did pick their own balloons. Luke picked superman, Jolea picked Mickey Mouse, and Brea picked Thomas the Train. Enjoy the pictures! I will share more later but it is late and I'm really tired.

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