Monday, December 15, 2008

This Season

Sunday marked four years since Colt passed away. It's a day that holds vivid memories and stirs up all kinds of emotions as well. I can't say that I've walked out the last 4 years gracefully, but I can say that God was and is by my side. Time has gone by so fast, and it is so hard to believe he's been in heaven longer than he spent with us here. I can still remember that night like it was yesterday. I often try to understand but in all honestly I can't.

This time of year is such a beautiful but a hard season. I am learning to be grateful for this time. I am definitely not who I was 4 years ago. None of us are. I am learning that God has a plan and a purpose for our life that included Colt's illness and also his death. Not that I blame God, I know who is responsible for his cancer, but I also know Who was in control and Who had the final say, and I'm learning to be at peace with that. Saturday we went out to the cemetary and took a grave blanket again to lay over his grave. I ordered one of these for the first time last year and they are so beautiful. I hope you all get a chance to go out and see it. Here are a few pictures of it that I took on Saturday.


Karen Wall said...

I am so sorry for your loss. The blanket is absolutely beautiful.

Unknown said...

I am deeply touched by your continual dependence and trust in the Lord. I can not imagine the road you have walked - but I know the Savior that has been with you - and I as I have followed your blog for 2 years now I see the work He is continual doing in you and your family.

The blanket is very beautiful.

I am praying for you and your family this week.

The Ben Show said...

You are an amazingly graceful and FAITHful mom. The blanket is beautiful and I know your heart is aching. May He wrap you in His loving embrace and hold your family close to Him.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh the blanket is very beautiful. I am in awe of your trust in Him. Your family is a true testimony of trusting in the Lord and living in His grace. Praying for you as always.


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