Sunday, January 25, 2009


The kids had an amazing day outdoors today. It was so nice and sunny, and they spent nearly the entire day outback in the woods. Yesterday Joey and my Dad bought 16 goats at the livestock sale to eat about 10 acres of woods outback. I think they'll be going back next weekend for more because that is way too much eating for only 16 goats. Luke is just fascinated by them and spent all day out there, and he is just itching to hop on the back of one of them. Jolea wasn't real sure about them but I did finally convince her to pet one. Now Brea, she tries to pet them but keeps her distance. She was horned in the eye by one of my parents goats when she was was around 5 years old. So she is a little on the cautious side. Days like this make me so ready for spring. Our family loves being outdoors. Anyhow, enjoy the pictures

Is she not the most gorgeous rottweiler you've ever seen?

The End

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