Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

What a busy day! Brea played her last two basketball games this morning. Yeah! They won the first game and lost the second game. Brea's allergies were bothering pretty bad today so she just wasn't feeling up to par either. After the games we went to dinner with some friends and then we went to their house and I conned them into watching my all time favorite movie "The Notebook." If you haven't seen this one it is a must see. I've seen it so many times I think I can quote the entire movie.

Jolea will be going in for her first surgery on Tuesday. She is having her palate repaired. She had a fistula that opened in her palate sometime after they repaired her palate in Vietnam. This is the first surgery since we brought her home. The surgery is at Medical City in Dallas and she should only have to stay one night in the hospital. I'm staying with her so pray for me. It's been a while since I've had to spend the night in a hospital. I'm sure I won't sleep a wink. Joey is coming home Tuesday to take the kids to a fundraiser for the Oxford family. For those of you who live around here the fundraiser is taking place at Joe Willey's in Rockwall.
"if your a bird, I'm a bird"

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The Ben Show said...

Sending a prayer up for Jolea right now.


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