Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jolea's surgery

Jolea's surgery went great. We are home now and she is doing amazing. I actually haven't had to give her anything more than ibuprofen for pain. She is a trooper. She was a little cranky and sleepy on Tuesday after the surgery, but she never really complained about her mouth much. The IV in her foot was a different story. I think she would've taken it out herself if I would've let her. We were glad to come home yesterday. It was a long 2 days. She will be on a soft diet for at least a month, with no strenuous activity either. I'll be going back to work tomorrow and she'll be staying with her memaw for at least a week until the doctor releases her to go back to school. Thanks for all the prayers! She is one tough little girl......I think she gets that from her brother!

This picture was taken in the recovery room right after surgery!


Leslie Crow said...

Oh, that poor baby. I am so glad she did so well. I thought about her all day. That picture makes me hurt for her. We Love You Jolea!

Abby Shwoo said...

I'm glad jolea is doing so good...she is such a cutie!

Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

Glad to see she is doing well. I hope she feels back to her old self soon.


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