Thursday, February 12, 2009

My silly boy

Oh my gosh, Luke has got to be the silliest little boy. He wanted me to take some pictures of him outside and of course I couldn't resist. He reminds me so much of Colt it is just unreal. Colt was very silly too, always making faces, doing goofy little dances. I really miss him. And on another note, if you noticed the tickers up top then you've seen that we have changed our trip to Disney. Our original plan was to go on Colt's birthday, but Disney had a special offer come up that we couldn't resist. So we will be leaving on August 1st and coming home on August 8th. Joey and I will be spending our 13th anniversary there. We are so excited!

No! He did not learn this from his Momma!

isn't he the cutest!

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