Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a Weekend.........

This is a picture of Jolea and Chloe

We had an interesting weekend. Friday night Joey and I, and 4 of our good friends went coyote hunting, yes I said coyote hunting. We've had several goats killed by coyotes lately so we thought we'd try to get rid of them. We had this crazy call thing that sounded like a distressed rabbit and we sat out in the dark with a spot light, but never saw a coyote. On Saturday Brea had a game. They won 8 to 0. After the game we went to Fox Fest, which is something that our town does every year. They have several events, games, live music, and vendors set up down town for all to enjoy. Joey and I were sitting down watching the music when I saw my mother run up to the stage and they announced that a paramedic was needed at one of the booths. I ran over there and my little niece Chloe, who is 7, had been knocked down and had broken her arm, very bad. The arm was bleeding and it appeared that the bone had come out of skin. The teenage boy that knocked her down never even stopped to help her, or even check to see if she was ok, and what amazed me most was that not one person even helped her up or even checked on her. Chloe, along with my Dad, sister (Chloe's Mom), and my sisters 3 girls all have a bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a brittle bone disease. Chloe had gotten up all by herself crying and walked over to where her mother was while holding her arm. The break was so bad that her mother ended up calling an ambulance to come take her Children's Hospital. She is home now and doing great thanks to some amazing off duty, and voluteer firemen who came over and did a great job splinting her arm. They showed great compassion.

Today I made my reservations for Disney! I've been counting down the days to get this done. I was able to get every place we wanted. I'm so excited! I haven't taken many pictures this weekend due to the nasty weather so no new pics with this post!


Leslie Crow said...

It amazes me the lack of respect many children and teens have for others these days.Sad. Glad to hear she didn't need surgery though.

We had a good time hanging out at Fox Fest. Love yall.

Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

We are just a few weeks ahead of you on the disney trip. Where are you guys staying we are staying at the Caribbean Beach. Sorry about your neice. I hope all is well.


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