Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Schools out for summer!

Texas Rounders Swim Party!!
Texas Rounders 3rd place trophy

Luke and his best friend Brandon on beach day

This is Luke after Beach Day....He was soooo tired.

Me and the little ones at the laua

Best Friends

Tomorrow is the kids last day of school, with mine to follow on Friday! Yippy! You'll find us poolside for the next 2 months with a trip to Disney World in between there. We are again counting down the days until we leave. The kids are sooo excited! And me too!

Brea finished up her spring softball season with her team taking 1st place in the 12 and under league, and also took home a 3rd place trophy in the Rockwall tournament last weekend. She hit another home run on Saturday out to center field. The teamed played a total of 7 games Saturday and Sunday. We were all exhausted when it was over. The team that took 1st place was actually a team that we had beat already in the tournament. Brea will now start practicing with her new team this weekend and should have her first tournament with them at the end of the month. The girl loves softball. Joey and I love watching her play, but I'm not too sure about doing it in 100 degree temperatures.

The last couple of weeks at school have been very busy. We had a laua and award programs. Luke and Jolea's class also had a beach day which they enjoyed. I have several pictures to post so I hope you enjoy the photos.....oh, and these are also unedited.:)

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