Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Fun

We are definitely enjoying the summer so far! Friday my best friend Amy flew in and our families went to the county fair. The kids had a blast. I think they rode every ride they were able to. Brea and Amy even rode this ride called the "viper". It was way to fast for me so I chickened out. I could just see myself getting sick. I just don't think my stomach could have handled it. Saturday we just stayed home and worked outside and swam. On Sunday Amy and Addison came back over and we swam and played some more. Breanna just loves Addison and can't get enough of her. I think Addison loves her just as much though. They were flying back home today and we will miss them. We plan to go and visit them sometime this summer.

Luke has finally learned to swim! He just started this yesterday. The bad thing is now he doesn't want to use his floaties at all. Which means not much relaxing for me. He and Jolea are jumping in and diving to the bottom to get rings. They have the greatest time. Here are a few pictures taken of the kids swimming!

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