Thursday, July 30, 2009

Disney World here we come!

Here we go again! Trip number 4 to Disney World! I don't think I could be anymore excited! I thought I would go ahead and post today before we left because tomorrow I'll be a crazy woman packing because I am so last minute! We are going to be leaving Saturday morning. The party consists of me, Joey, Brea, Luke, Jolea, my Mom, and my Dad. We'll also be meeting up with a friend of mine from childhood, Raeanne and her family, and we have a breakfast planned with them.

If you don't already know Disney is a very special place to our family. Colt loved all things Disney and he was able to make a wish to see buzz lightyear in 2004, and we all headed to Disney for the first time. While there we promised him we would return the following Christmas with his uncle Chad and family so his uncle Chad could see buzz lightyear too. He loved Chad and was insisting he see Buzz. So we did, but Chad I think you still owe buzz a hand shake and I plan to hold you to it! So needless to say, we have tried to return to Disney since then as often as we can. We absolutely love it regardless of the heat, the crowds, whatever, it is just magical. As soon as we return I'll update with all the pictures!
Here is our little man with his Daddy! All smiles because he got to meet his favorites! Buzz, Woody, and Jesse. It was a wish come true!

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