Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The King of Pop

Ok, you all knew it was coming! If you know me well you know what a huge Michael Jackson fan I am. I really believe he was one of the greatest artists that ever lived. All the accusations made about him, I was one of those who never believed any of them. I believe he did make mistakes but who doesn't. I remember watching him when I was little. I had the thriller jacket, the glove, all of it. I LOVED him! Of course, Joey makes fun of me, and doesn't dare show me those horrible text messeges he gets on his phone about him because he knows they make me furious. We watched the memorial today and it was an amazing celebration of his life. A few of us even shed a few tears....hehe.....you know who you are!!! Anyway, you knew I couldn't go without posting something special about the King of Pop! So here is a little video of one of my favorites! I love all of his songs so it was so hard to choose!

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