Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School!

The kids went back to school on Monday and I was so stinkin busy and hurrying that morning that this was the only picture that I took. I have to say that they were so excited on the first day. Breanna was a little nervous going into middle school, but she had a great day. Her main concern was the combination on her locker, but she mastered it without any trouble. Luke and Jolea were like pros going to school. They didn't even want Mommy to walk them down. I had a busy morning also with all the parents coming in and bringing me all the things that parents bring the school nurse! After school we rushed to Jolea's gymnastics class. She had a great lesson this time. No back talking her teacher or refusing to do what she's told. I threatened her with the baby class so she had a change in attitude. This was the conversation that we had when we got in the car to head home.
Jolea : "Mommy, I don't want to work hard"
Me: "What do you mean Jolea, sometimes we have to work hard."
Jolea: "I have school and's too hard for me"

If you could only see the drama in her face. It was hilarious. Anyhow, we had a great first day of school, and a great week so far!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Magic Kingdom!

Today was a Magic Kingdom Day!! This was one of my favorite days of vacation. We did sleep in that morning, but after getting up we headed to the Magic Kingdom! First stop was the main street railroad. We hopped on the train and headed to Mickey's toontown fair!

When we walked in the gate the parade started, so we stopped while waiting on the train and watched. It was a great view for the parade.

When we got off the train in Mickey's toontown fair we visited Mickey and Minnie's house. These sweet little tomatoes were growing in Mickey's backyard!

Then on to Luke's favorite roller coaster! Goofy's barnstormer! Here we are waiting in line! The lines and the crowd this day weren't bad at all. We never waited more than 20 minutes to ride anything!

I don't know what to say about this one.......

Here is a very tired, hot, and beautiful Cinderella
After a few hours in the park we headed back to get ready for dinner. Then we headed to eat at Chef Mickey's! This was the first time we had had dinner there. Usually we do the breakfast. The dinner was awesome. One of the best meals we had while there. My Dad absolutely loved it! Which made me very happy. We also had so much fun watching the kids play and be goofy.

Does Dad look like he's having fun or what?

And the famous Chef.....Mickey!

Here is Luke arm wrestling Goofy. It was pretty hilarious!

She fixed her own dessert!

After dinner we headed back to Magic Kingdom. We had gotten a fast pass for Splash Mountain!

Here we are going down into the briar patch. Click on the picture and you can blow it up to see better. Brea, Jolea, and I are on the front row. Joey and Luke were right behind us. Luke had laid down in Joey's lap so you can't see him. He didn't want to get wet.

Yah, we got pretty wet! It was a blast, and Jolea was so excited that she got to ride it this year. I think she'll be my little dare devil.

Mom and Luke in the briar patch. I have a picture of Mom and JoJo in this same chair after we got off splash mountain when we came in 2004. She was rocking him in this chair and he was sound asleep.

We stayed in the park till closing that night. We skipped out on the parade, but got caught in fantasy land during the fireworks and they were going off right above our heads. It was a view of Wishes that I had never seen.....very loud! I think we rode every ride in fantasyland as well. Some of these we hadn't ridden since our first trip. It was such an amazing day!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I just had to slip this precious picture in here! Is this baby girl not the sweetest thing you have ever seen. All 5 pounds of her!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

An annivesary surprise and Day 4 at Disney!

Joey and I celebrated our 13th anniversary on August 3rd! Since we were at Disney I booked us the sweetheart dinner for 2 at one of Disney's signature restaurants called the California Grill. We didn't have dinner until 10:00pm because I wanted to be able to view the fireworks while we were there. It was so amazing! Our table had little silver castle confetti all over it! When we got seated we ordered some sushi and then headed out to the observation deck for the fireworks. We had an awesome view of the Magic Kingdom. After we got back to our table Joey surprised me with a ring. It has 3 diamonds in the shape of a Mickey head. It is soo gorgeous! I love it!!!! This was definitely an evening I will never forget. It was a magical end to great day!

The next day we met Raeanne and her family for breakfast at Ohanas with Lilo and Stitch. We had a great time just watching the kids and sharing stories of the amazing things that we've done on our trip thus far. After breakfast we all headed to Hollywood Studios!

All the kids with Mickey at Ohanas!

Mom, Dad, and Pluto! Notice the Grumpy shirt Dad is wearing! He and Luke had their Grumpy shirts on.

Jolea and Lilo

I can't believe Luke posed with Lilo, but since Braden did he did!

"Do you burp chili dog?"
Luke nearly got sick on the stitch ride because he burps chili dog and you smell it!

Brea and Stitch

Brea and Kaylee riding a roller coaster! Well kind of!

We finally got to meet Lightening Mcqueen and Mator!

We headed back to the resort early due to the heat. That evening we sat out on the beach and watched the water parade and the fireworks. The kids played in the sand and built volcanoes. It was so relaxing!

The water parade
"Wishes" A great ending to a great day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The next day we headed to Animal Kingdom. We rode the safari, which was amazing. Most of the animals were awake and roaming the savannah. We also rode it's tough to be a bug which is a 4D ride that the kids love! We had fast passed expedition everest. This is the biggest roller coaster in Disney so after lunch we headed over to ride. My Dad insisted on riding even after we warned him, well after it was over he got very sick. So needless to say, our day in the Animal Kingdom was cut short. We had ridden everything we wanted to anyway.

Here we are with our 3D bug eyes on!

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day at Disney

After we arrived at Disney and got checked in we headed to the Magic Kingdom. We had a dinner scheduled that night at The Crystal Palace. This is one of our favorite places to go. This was also Colt's favorite place to eat when we came in 04. It is a buffet restaurant in MK and you dine with the characters from Winnie the pooh.

Here is Dad and I on the monorail

Before we even got into the gate we ran into Pluto! Luke was soooo excited! We didn't even have our autograph books yet so Joey ran into a gift shop and bought some really quick.

Jolea was so excited to see Cinderellas castle! We were all so excited to be there. The smell of the popcorn, and the main street bakery.........oh it brought back so many memories!

Everytime a character came around Jolea they could expect to get something yanked on. Either their tail, their tongue, their ear, whatever she saw. She couldn't keep her hands off! We were constantly saying Jolea quit touching and turn around for a picture! She was a hoot!

Here we are with Tigger!
After dinner we went out to catch the afternoon parade. Jolea and Luke got out there and danced! Luke even danced with Woody. They were having so much fun! Then we headed toward adventureland!
First stop was the magic carpets! This is one of Luke's favorites and at his request this is what we rode first.
After the magic carpets we got on the jungle cruise. We had never ridden this one and we really enjoyed it! We also rode the pirates of the carribean, which scared Jolea, and then headed into tomorrowland. We love tomorrowland! We had to take Dad on buzz lightyears space ranger spin. Except for the carousel, this was Colt's favorite ride! They don't allow flash photography inside it so I didn't get to take pictures. I did pay for some that they took of us and I will try to post those later. Joey, of course, beat us all with the highest score! Dad did come back later in the trip and beat him once though!
After riding everything we could that evening we headed back to main street to watch the spectromagic parade, and the Wishes firework show! That pretty much sums up the first day of our Disney vacation! Check back later for more of my trip report!


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