Sunday, August 9, 2009

Disney's Polynesian!

The waterslide at the pool came down a volcano mountain. The kids would do this for hours!
Can you see Cinderella's castle in the background, and in the picture below?!!!

The view from our pool was amazing! We could sit out there on the beach at night and watch the fireworks.

I could hardly ever get this girl to smile without making a silly face!

We usually ate breakfast or lunch at the quick service place at our resort and the animals just swarmed us. My Dad and the kids were always feeding them. They even got to where they would swoop down and take your food out of your plate! One bird even took Luke's pancake out of his hand when he was fixing to put it in his mouth!

This is called tonga toast! One of my favorites for breakfast. It has bananas on the inside!

Check out the birds watching them eat!

This is part of the pool and the Tokelau house which our room was in! Our room was the one on the right bottom floor! I loved it!

Waterfalls in the Great Cermonial House

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