Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day at Disney

After we arrived at Disney and got checked in we headed to the Magic Kingdom. We had a dinner scheduled that night at The Crystal Palace. This is one of our favorite places to go. This was also Colt's favorite place to eat when we came in 04. It is a buffet restaurant in MK and you dine with the characters from Winnie the pooh.

Here is Dad and I on the monorail

Before we even got into the gate we ran into Pluto! Luke was soooo excited! We didn't even have our autograph books yet so Joey ran into a gift shop and bought some really quick.

Jolea was so excited to see Cinderellas castle! We were all so excited to be there. The smell of the popcorn, and the main street bakery.........oh it brought back so many memories!

Everytime a character came around Jolea they could expect to get something yanked on. Either their tail, their tongue, their ear, whatever she saw. She couldn't keep her hands off! We were constantly saying Jolea quit touching and turn around for a picture! She was a hoot!

Here we are with Tigger!
After dinner we went out to catch the afternoon parade. Jolea and Luke got out there and danced! Luke even danced with Woody. They were having so much fun! Then we headed toward adventureland!
First stop was the magic carpets! This is one of Luke's favorites and at his request this is what we rode first.
After the magic carpets we got on the jungle cruise. We had never ridden this one and we really enjoyed it! We also rode the pirates of the carribean, which scared Jolea, and then headed into tomorrowland. We love tomorrowland! We had to take Dad on buzz lightyears space ranger spin. Except for the carousel, this was Colt's favorite ride! They don't allow flash photography inside it so I didn't get to take pictures. I did pay for some that they took of us and I will try to post those later. Joey, of course, beat us all with the highest score! Dad did come back later in the trip and beat him once though!
After riding everything we could that evening we headed back to main street to watch the spectromagic parade, and the Wishes firework show! That pretty much sums up the first day of our Disney vacation! Check back later for more of my trip report!


Chet and Joni McDoniel said...

Love reading about your trip. We've been following your family ever since you brought Jolea home as we were in the CHI family, too (until we got pregnant). We're HUGE Disney World fans, and we leave in about 2 months for our own trip. Keep posting!

Jennifer said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see more pictures!!


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