Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Magic Kingdom!

Today was a Magic Kingdom Day!! This was one of my favorite days of vacation. We did sleep in that morning, but after getting up we headed to the Magic Kingdom! First stop was the main street railroad. We hopped on the train and headed to Mickey's toontown fair!

When we walked in the gate the parade started, so we stopped while waiting on the train and watched. It was a great view for the parade.

When we got off the train in Mickey's toontown fair we visited Mickey and Minnie's house. These sweet little tomatoes were growing in Mickey's backyard!

Then on to Luke's favorite roller coaster! Goofy's barnstormer! Here we are waiting in line! The lines and the crowd this day weren't bad at all. We never waited more than 20 minutes to ride anything!

I don't know what to say about this one.......

Here is a very tired, hot, and beautiful Cinderella
After a few hours in the park we headed back to get ready for dinner. Then we headed to eat at Chef Mickey's! This was the first time we had had dinner there. Usually we do the breakfast. The dinner was awesome. One of the best meals we had while there. My Dad absolutely loved it! Which made me very happy. We also had so much fun watching the kids play and be goofy.

Does Dad look like he's having fun or what?

And the famous Chef.....Mickey!

Here is Luke arm wrestling Goofy. It was pretty hilarious!

She fixed her own dessert!

After dinner we headed back to Magic Kingdom. We had gotten a fast pass for Splash Mountain!

Here we are going down into the briar patch. Click on the picture and you can blow it up to see better. Brea, Jolea, and I are on the front row. Joey and Luke were right behind us. Luke had laid down in Joey's lap so you can't see him. He didn't want to get wet.

Yah, we got pretty wet! It was a blast, and Jolea was so excited that she got to ride it this year. I think she'll be my little dare devil.

Mom and Luke in the briar patch. I have a picture of Mom and JoJo in this same chair after we got off splash mountain when we came in 2004. She was rocking him in this chair and he was sound asleep.

We stayed in the park till closing that night. We skipped out on the parade, but got caught in fantasy land during the fireworks and they were going off right above our heads. It was a view of Wishes that I had never seen.....very loud! I think we rode every ride in fantasyland as well. Some of these we hadn't ridden since our first trip. It was such an amazing day!

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