Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We are the champions!

We spent the weekend at an open tournament in Mesquite. The Eagles brought home the 1st place trophy! I do have to brag on Brea a bit. She pitched against Texas Glory which is one of the best teams in the area, and shut them down. When Brea went in to pitch we were down 7 to 2. Brea completely shut them down and they did not score another run. We ended up beating them 8 to 7 in over time! It was such a great game, and Brea really got on the mound and battled! Joey and I were so proud of her! I didn't actually get the camera out too much. I was just so caught up in the games and it is hard to take pictures and watch the game. I just end up missing so much. Here are a few that I did get so Enjoy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Colt's Birthday Celebration

Today was an AMAZING day! I have to say Joey and I had the best time. We both took off work today and just spent the day relaxing together while the kids were at school. It was so great! After we took them to school we went to eat breakfast and headed to the party store to pick up balloons. Then we came home and took a knap! The house was so peaceful. The kids were so excited when we picked them up, mainly because the back of the car was full of balloons. They couldn't wait to have JoJos birthday party. Luke really wanted to invite everyone we knew, but we really enjoy the time with just us on this special day. This way we don't have to entertain and we can just be ourselves. We just really had a great time. There weren't many tears but tons of laughter. We miss him so much but are just really at peace with where he is. What better place to spend your birthday than heaven. I want to say thank you to all of my friends and family who sent me messages today. We had encouragement and support from so many today it just blew my mind. Thank you guys and also to all my facebook friends for all the birthday wishes. Now enjoy the pictures!

Ok, if your wondering why we left the icing off the corner, this piece was for my Dad who is diabetic!
Joey kept jacking with me and Brea while we tried to get a family photo. I think I got a little pinch if you now what I mean in this one. You can see it on mine and Joey's face!

Joey had Brea by the hair in this one! I'm telling you, Joey and Brea can never behave for a family photo!

He still loves kisses from his Mommy!

Me and My boys!

Happy Birthday Joey Colt Crow!!!

Happy 8th Birthday JoJo!!!
We Love You and Miss You!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Tournament and 2 things!

Sorry it's taken me so long to get these picture up! The Eagles played 9 awesome games last weekend in the Southlake fall Classic and took 2nd place out of 27 teams! We are so proud of them. We were supposed to play this weekend again but got rained out. We did play our first brackett game and won it 12 to 0, by then the rain was coming in and they canceled the rest of the tournament. Here are a few pictures from the Southlake Tournament.

Brea and her Daddy

They don't even look tired....do they?

Here they are with their trophies! Look at those smiles!

oh, and don't let me forget......Thing 1 and 2!


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