Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Thankful Day!

Thanksgiving is by far one of my favorite holidays! I love to eat! Thanksgiving day we went over to my Mom and Dads house, which is right next door, and had lunch. My sisters were there, minus one, and all the kids. We had all the traditional fixings. My sister always makes the dressing and it is just to die for. The food and the family time was amazing. The weather was also amazing so the kids spent most of the day outdoors which made for a very peaceful day! They had a great time playing in the woods, the leaves, and of course the hammock! After lunch Joey, Luke, and Brea headed out to Coleman to the deer lease. Jolea and I stayed behind so we could hit the stores bright and early for the black friday entertainment. Jolea, my Mom, Tabatha, and I headed out at 3:30 in the morning! It was so fun! First stop was Walmart! We were actually some of the first few in the store and ended up getting just about everything we went for. After that we hit the other stores. We were home by 9:00 that morning, took a nap, and headed back out! I will say I made quite a bit of progress! I'm nearly completely finished! Today Jolea and I are hanging out around the house. We plan to have the house decorated for Christmas by the time our hunters get home! Luke will be so excited. We bought a few special things for him yesterday and Jolea and I are going to give his room a little makeover!

The next few months are going to be both exciting and emotional for our family. The anniversary of Colt's passing is a mere couple of weeks away. This time of year holds a lot of emotions and also a lot of special memories. On another note we have some exciting things happening in the next few months that I will share more details on a little further down the road!! Ok! Enjoy the pictures!

This is Brea and her cousin Meghan. Aren't they beautiful!

My Mom will kill me for posting this picture but it cracks me up and also shows my parents crazy personalities. They constantly keep us cracking up!

The kids raked up all the leaves to play in!

And they buried Brea in them. We went outside and all we could see was the leaves moving up and down to her breathing, but here she is popping out when we all started jumping on her!

My handsome boy!

Me and my little ham!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


What I'm thankful for...............

My wonderful husband and son.......

My beautiful girls......

And my precious baby boy in heaven!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sleep tight!

I asked Brea to tuck Jolea into bed the other night and when I went in to kiss her goodnight this is what I found! This girl cracks me up! And no, I didn't leave her like this!

Monday, November 9, 2009

All things Fall!

Don't you just love Fall! With Fall comes deer hunting, and playing in the leaves! Two things my kiddos absolutely adore! We all went hunting with Joey for youth weekend in hopes of shooting a deer, but sadly that didn't happen. I at least got to shoot them with my camera. We did get to enjoy some great family time, airplane watching, marshmellow roasting, and shopping!

Luke went back again with Joey for opening weekend. He absolutely loves it, and Joey loves to take him. Some of Joey's favorite memories of his own father are of hunting trips and he wants to enjoy the same memories with his kids.

We never go to the stand without seeing at least 10 or more deer come in. About the time I took this picture below I was about to grab the gun and shoot this one myself! Breanna was suffering from a little bit of buck fever!

Here we all are fighting over the binoculars! I think next time we will all have our own pair!

I am sad to admit it, but I think Miss sassy pants learned this look from her Momma!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trunk or Treat

This year the chamber of commerce, which we are members of, hosted trunk or treat. All the businesses in the area put this together as another option for a safe place for parents to bring their kiddos for trick or treating. Many decorated their vehicles and handed candy out to the kids right from their trunks. We did this instead of trick or treating this year because we were taking Brea hunting for youth weekend which fell on halloween. The kids had a great time, and loaded up on buckets full of candy.

These awesome little halloween buckets were made by Joey's secretary. She also handmade some cute little halloween tags and bagged a whole box of candy to hand out. She's the greatest!

Jolea and her bestfriend Kaitlyn!

Jolea was a Zebra this year. Isn't she a cute one?

Typical Breanna Face!!!

This car won the best decorated vehicle!

The End!


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