Monday, November 9, 2009

All things Fall!

Don't you just love Fall! With Fall comes deer hunting, and playing in the leaves! Two things my kiddos absolutely adore! We all went hunting with Joey for youth weekend in hopes of shooting a deer, but sadly that didn't happen. I at least got to shoot them with my camera. We did get to enjoy some great family time, airplane watching, marshmellow roasting, and shopping!

Luke went back again with Joey for opening weekend. He absolutely loves it, and Joey loves to take him. Some of Joey's favorite memories of his own father are of hunting trips and he wants to enjoy the same memories with his kids.

We never go to the stand without seeing at least 10 or more deer come in. About the time I took this picture below I was about to grab the gun and shoot this one myself! Breanna was suffering from a little bit of buck fever!

Here we all are fighting over the binoculars! I think next time we will all have our own pair!

I am sad to admit it, but I think Miss sassy pants learned this look from her Momma!

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