Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trunk or Treat

This year the chamber of commerce, which we are members of, hosted trunk or treat. All the businesses in the area put this together as another option for a safe place for parents to bring their kiddos for trick or treating. Many decorated their vehicles and handed candy out to the kids right from their trunks. We did this instead of trick or treating this year because we were taking Brea hunting for youth weekend which fell on halloween. The kids had a great time, and loaded up on buckets full of candy.

These awesome little halloween buckets were made by Joey's secretary. She also handmade some cute little halloween tags and bagged a whole box of candy to hand out. She's the greatest!

Jolea and her bestfriend Kaitlyn!

Jolea was a Zebra this year. Isn't she a cute one?

Typical Breanna Face!!!

This car won the best decorated vehicle!

The End!

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