Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Pictures!

We had a wonderful Christmas! We've been so busy the past few days though. Our Christmas celebrations began Tuesday night with a Christmas party for Brea's softball team, and ended Saturday night with a family gathering at my Mom and Dad's. The next few days we can just sit back, relax, and soak it all in.

Enjoy the pictures!

My Handsome Luke!!

Zayne...All smiles!

Luke, Brea, and Jolea on Christmas morning!  So Excited!

Marcos, Brea, and Sawyer playing in the snow!

Luke loves the pretty girls!

Luke with all his goodies, and Jolea with her new doll from her MawMaw that we can't leave home without!

Luke is loving his remote control 4-wheeler!  Thanks MawMaw and Frank!

Yah, she is up to something!

Luke putting together his toolbench he got from Granny!  He loves this thing!
And Jolea and Brea playing break the ice!

Jolea and Frank...wherever Frank is you can bet Jolea is attached to his hip! 
She loves him and her MawMaw!

Joey and my Brother in Laws....All the boys got boxes of cash from my parents!

My parents and all us girls~

This is Miss little niece!  She definitley ruled the house at Moms on Saturday night!

All the kids minus the 3 big ones, and JoJo.....

Brea and Buzz!

These are only a handful of the pictures that I took.  I still have some editing to do before I post anymore!  Hope you enjoy these so far! 

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