Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!!

Christmas is in the air!  The house is decorated and all the tree's are up!  I put up 3 tree's this year!  Jolea and Luke both have tree's in their rooms plus our big tree in the dining room.  Jolea's is decorated in greens, pinks, and browns to match her room, and Luke's is decorated in blue's and red's. They love them!  Brea is wanting one too so it looks like I may be buying and putting up one more!  The kids are counting down the days until Christmas.  They are so excited about Jesus' birthday, and of course the fact that they get presents for it!  They are also looking forward to Christmas break!  So am I!  The kids get out on the 17th and will be off until after the 4th....I think.  My last day at work is Tuesday!

This Christmas I'm just feeling extremely blessed that I have husband who is such a HARD WORKER!  He does such an amazing job providing for our family.  Sometimes I fail to let him know how much we really appreciate him.  God really blessed me with an amazing husband and father to my kids.  There are just so many families struggling this Christmas due to the recession.  I'm just so thankful that I have a husband that has worked so hard to make his business successful!  Family always comes first to him! He's amazing and we love him!!

If you live around here you know that the weather outside is cold!!  I have to say I'm loving it!  Except in the mornings because I'm opening car doors at school, but I love being home cuddled up in front of the fire.  The evenings at home are just so relaxing.  We've really enjoyed this family time lately.  The other night we sat down and played clue with the kids.  Luke won by the way, which was hilarious considering he had no "clue."  I don't have time to post pictures right now because I've got to get kids fed, but I'll try to post some tonight if I get time!


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