Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Hunters are Home!

Joey and Luke are home from the deer lease and they shot a deer this time!  Joey shot a doe yesterday morning.  He said Luke cried to gut it, but as soon as he cut it open Luke took off running.  He is very sensitive to smell and the smell made him sick. 

We are all so glad they are back.  We missed them this weekend.  It was nice to have a girls weekend though.  Last night I took the girls to the Christmas parade.  It was freezing, but we had a great time.  Afterwards we just came home and curled up on the couches and watched movies and made Christmas ornaments .  Brea, Jolea, and I made the cutest ornaments to give this year as gifts.  We got the idea from another blog I read.  I was also able to get some more Christmas shopping done this weekend.  I only really have one more weekend to shop so I hope I'm able to get it all done.  I'm pretty much done with my kids, but I have to finish up on all of our nieces and nephews. 

Every year we take the money that we would normally spend on Colt for Christmas and donate to a needy family or some other charity.  This year we donated it to clothe a child and were able to clothe 4 children in need this year for Christmas.  Jolea and Luke were so happy!  Their class won a pizza party for donating the most money.  I think it's a great way for them to remember their brother and also learn about giving.  Well, I have been slacking on the picture taking lately so I'm going to post a few pictures of Colt from Christmas' past!  These pictures are from our last Christmas together.  He had just came home from transplant so he was only able to make brief stops at our grandparents, and had to keep his mask on.  My Mom had to do some extra cleaning of carpets and ventilation just to have us over for Christmas that year.  It was a very special Christmas!  Enjoy the pictures!

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