Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More JOY!

Ok, I had several people wondering what a grave blanket is!  So here are some pictures that we took yesterday at the cemetary.  And yes, we were having a little too much fun there!  Since the day Colt's body was laid to rest there we have never made the cemetary a place of sadness or fear for our kids.  One of Colt's little friends even called it the "playground."  That has totally stuck with our family.  This may not be how your family looks at things, but this is how our family does!  Our kids are not taught that death is a horrible thing.  They are taught that when you die as a christian your eternal home in heaven awaits you and it is an amazing thing!  Ok Ok...I'm getting off topic! :) We went out there and put out the grave blanket last night.  Brea added a Christmas ornament to it that she made with his initial on it.  It was so beautiful!  I order one every year from the side door florist and I have always loved it!!!!  I also have to say a thank you to my Mom!  She always takes care of the flowers out there.  She keeps them pretty all year long!  Thanks Mom!!  Anyhow here are some pictures of it from last night.


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