Monday, December 14, 2009

The Joy of the Lord is our strength!

Five years ago I spent one of the most amazing days with my son Colt!  Not knowing that it would be the last day I would spend with him until we are reunited in heaven.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  He was so happy, just like most days.  He had more energy than he had had in a couple of days.  He was able to sit up some, and he even let me get up and do some cleaning.  I guess in anticipation of the visitor he knew was coming that night. ;)  I'm not going to go into details of that special night, but as we carry on today we remember him with a big smile, and we are full of joy!    I believe he is waiting with a happy little heart and big smile for the day that he see's us walk through the golden gates! 

We'll go to the cemetary this afternoon and take out some flowers, and also the grave blanket that I ordered.  I hope you all remember Colt today.  Remember the good times and that beautiful blonde hair, big blue eyes, and that smile that would melt your heart!  Enjoy the pictures of him too!

The joy of the Lord is our strength today!



Niki said...

Praying for your family ~ and remembering that beautiful smile today ~

Leslie Crow said...

Love the blog today! The pictures are great. We were looking at a picture this morning. The glowing face and beautiful smile are locked in memory forever.


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