Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pretty eventful day!

Today was a somewhat pretty eventful day. First off I had a dermatologist appointment this afternoon. A couple of years ago I had this spot come up on my cheek bone. It looked just like a dry rough spot. Well I had it froze off today along with another one on my back. They were actually pre-cancerous spots from sun exposure as a child. See, some of you who think I'm a sunscreen freak, now you know what all that sun can do to your kids as adults. Letting your children get sunburned once as a child can increase their risk of getting skin cancer by 50%! Now why as parents would we want to take that risk or make that bad decision for our children. It's just crazy! So be smart parents and put sunscreen on your kids!

Then this evening we took Jolea and Luke to basketball practice. Jolea's was first, and of course she cried, nearly the whole time. At one time she did get down and was dribbling down the court, actually doing good, but the ball ended up hitting her foot and went across the floor and she had a breakdown. So, we went ahead and left and decided we would try it next week. Luke was next. He was ready to go when we left Jolea's practice but as soon as we walked in the gym he changed his mind. His coach came up and asked him to come out and play and he flat out told him he didn't like basketball. So, we left there too:( I'm going to try again with them next week. Jolea I think will end up playing, but Luke I'm not so sure.

Here are a few pictures of the kids right before I tucked them into bed!

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