Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We left Tuesday and headed to the deer lease with part of my family.  This is where we rang in the New Year!  We had a very exciting time.  There is never a dull moment with us!  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking for now!

It was snowing when we left home, and then on our way there we passed by these snow drifts.  I made Joey pull over so we could play in it.  We never see snow this deep around here.  The snow actually went over my knees in some places!

Our next adventure was the Dog Wash!  HaHa!  I have never seen one of these before so Joey and I decided to stop in and let Wall-E try it out!  It was the neatest thing!  We really need one of these in Caddo!  Wall-E wasn't too thrilled with it, but he sure did smell nice afterwards!

This is a picture of an old house that is on some property we are looking at buying in Coleman.  We went and walked around the property for a while on Thursday.

The property had an old storm shelter on it, and look what Joey and Cace found when they opened it up! 
6 Rattlesnakes!  The biggest ones I have ever seen!

My handsome Luke!  Is he not the cutest little boy?!!

My bil Cace took care of the rattlesnakes!  That's 6 less!

Last but not least, my first deer!  This weekend was the first time I've ever shot a rifle and to my surprise I actually hit the deer right where I aimed!  This doe is at the processor right now so it looks like we'll have alot of deer meat to eat!

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