Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random love of photography!

Most of you know my love of photography.   I love taking pictures of my kids.  I have several programs on my computer for photo editing, but my favorite is lightroom.  Adobe let me have a free trial of the new lightroom 3 program and it is awesome.  Here are just a few of the photos I've been playing around with. 

This first one I just used a Lr preset called direct positive, and I tweeked the exposure and clarity some.  I love the urban looking photos the best with the vibrant colors.

On this one I used the aged photo preset and again tweaked the exposure, clarity, and a few other things.  Too cute!

And this one....I am so picky about black and whites.  To me they are the hardest to edit.  I don't like gray faces.  I like my faces to be bright and white!

This one I used the aged photo preset.

This is one of my favorie photos of Luke.  I love his eyes.  I made this one b/w and tweaked the hue which made the eyes so clear you can see my reflection in them.

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