Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wild Night!

Bedtime is always the wildest time around my house.  The closer it gets to 9:00 the rowdier (is that a word?) everyone gets! Including Joey!  You should've heard the screams and laughter coming from the living room while I was showering tonight.  It was crazy!  My kids were so wild!  Now, that everyone is in bed I can post a few pictures.  Here are some of the little ones right before bedtime.  They were playing ball with Coleman!  He is the new entertainment around the house lately.  Believe it or not he is quite the entertainer! :)

Luke just loves him! 

And.....drum new purse is finally here!  Straight from Disney World!  Dooney and Bourke teamed up with Disney and came out with two new Disney designed purses!  This was my favorite and I got it in the mail today!  These can only be purchased at Disney World!  It is so stinkin cute!

1 comment:

Baby N's Mom said...

like it. i saw a different one while i was there, but didn't buy it. needed a watch instead. the purse i saw wasn't d&b.


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