Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

I love Valentines Day!  Not just the gifts, but just the meaning.  Joey and I will celebrate our 14th year of marriage this year.  It hasn't been an easy 14 years.  We have seen many struggles, been through tragedy in our family, experienced the amazing joy of having children, and adopting a child, and I believe all these things have made us who we are today, and have made our marriage what it is today.  As I sat in church this morning and listened to Randall preach about love, I felt him grab ahold of my hand. At that very moment I thanked Jesus for giving me such an amazing husband, and I look forward to the future with him.

I'm such a sucker for the kissy photos!  Believe it or not Joey is getting used to it, and just goes along with me now! 

Another thing I want to mention is that 9 years ago today, I found out I was pregnant with Colt.  It was such a surprise!  I was working OB-Gyn at the time and pregnancy tests were always on hand.  The girls and I at work were always testing!  I took one this day, left it alone, and went back to work.  One of the girls I worked with actually noticed the positive line on the test.  I didn't believe it, and actually went to the drug store and bought an OTC test and took it.  It too was positive.  I think that has to be the best Valentines gift Joey and I have ever gotten.  Hmmm, do you think that one can ever be matched?  Ha! We'll see!

I hope you all had a very memorable Valentines Day today!  Be blessed!

One more kissy photo!  This is Jolea and I this morning!

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