Friday, February 5, 2010

Go away rain!

Oh, I am so glad the weekend is finally here!  We enjoyed such a peaceful evening tonight.  Breanna went to Caitlyn's birthday party ( Happy Birthday Caitlyn!!), and  Luke has gone over to Memaw and Grandads for the night.  He, Grandad, and Donny have a big day planned at the Bonham trades day!  They crack me up.  Luke was so excited though!  Jolea of course stayed home with her Mommy and Daddy.  She is my girl, and she doesn't like to be away from home.  That is completely fine with me though.  We both really enjoy the quiet cuddle time when it's just her and I.  She is my cuddle bug, and we love to curl up on the couch and watch tv at night. 

I'm really hoping this rain quits soon, and the yard will dry up.  The kids get really stir crazy in the house.  It's nice to let them get outdoors and play off some of their energy!  A few weeks ago Joey and I cleaned out the playroom.  We took apart Colt's train table and packed it up for a while.  Luke has never really been into trains like Colt was and all they did was pile toys and who knows what else on it.  I was afraid it was going to get torn up so we just decided to pack it up for now.  I actually went through the toy closet and sacked up 4 large trash bags full of toys and took them to goodwill.  I still had baby toys, and so many of Colt's toys in there.  I kept some things, especially the disney stuff, and got rid of the rest.  It is so much cleaner and less cluttered now, and the kids can actually get up there and play without destroying the room.  We are actually planning on doing a little remodeling this summer and we are adding another bedroom, and plan to move Jolea upstairs with Brea.  We are also adding a bathroom up there.  Jolea's old room will be an office for now, and Luke will stay where he is.  Thats the plan for now, but we'll see what happens!  Ok, here are a few pictures that I took this week!

Here is Luke soaking in my jacuzzi tub.  He had such a stressful day at school....yah right!

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