Thursday, February 11, 2010

Record Breaking Snow In Texas?

We woke up this morning to an amazing gift from God!  Snow!!!  This was one of those days that Jolea and Luke just jumped out of the bed.  There was no fight to get Jolea up today!  We were so excited.  We did have school, but I let Joey come pick up Jolea and Luke after lunch so they could go home and enjoy as much of the snow as they could.  He took lots of pictures for me and saved the snowman building until Brea and I got home.  We played, and played, and played!  School is canceled tomorrow so we'll get to sleep in and spend the day home together.  The lights have been flickering a little so lets pray we don't lose electricity! 

I'm not sure if we've ever had this much snow here before, and we're expecting another 2-4in. tonight!

Oh my this child,  she would just run around the yard and slide on her belly!  I don't see how she wasn't freezing. 

I feel so sorry for Brea sometimes.  Her Daddy cuts her no slack!  He was wearing her out with the snowballs!  She loves every minute of it though, and wouldn't have it any other way.  She is one tough cookie! 

Can you get up Brea?  Can you see with all that snow in your face?  He hit her right in the face!  Look at all the snow piled behind those glasses!
The Family! 

We buried Brea in the snow because she kept hitting us all with snowballs.  Then we let Jolea and Luke sit on her!
The Snowman!  He lasted all of about 20 minutes until the dogs attacked him, and Brea bit his strawberry nose off!  Poor guy! 

Can't wait until tomorrow to have some more fun!!!

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